About Dr. Taylor

Dr. Mark Taylor is an award winning speaker recognized internationally as an authority and educator who is on the forefront of transformations in educational practice and workplace management. Currently the President of Taylor Programs, he is dedicated to helping colleges and universities better understand and serve our students for learning, development, persistence and successful integration into the workplace. His work with organizations and companies focuses on helping people understand and work more effectively with the generational groups, and in bringing happiness and positivity into the workplace. Building on experience as a psychotherapist, professor, and in academic and student services administration, Dr. Taylor has worked with over 1000 organizations, businesses and schools in 48 states, and made presentations at numerous state, regional, national, and international events. His publications include book chapters, invited pieces, and articles in professional journals including his series on “Teaching Generation NeXt”. Dr. Taylor holds graduate degrees from the University of Arkansas and academic appointments at Arkansas State University and the University of Arkansas at Little Rock Graduate School.