Thank you for attending one of my programs where I used an audience response system. Use the link on the right to access a handout I developed for distribution at a SACS-COC event. I also encourage you to review the other resources described below.

The link at right will provide you with a PDF of the article by Jane Caldwell on “clickers in the large classroom: current research and best-practice tips” an excellent overview of audience response system research and technique.

This link will take you to the website of turning technologies; the company who provided the clickers we used. They have lots of resources on their site for higher education users. One of their sales consultants would be happy to visit with you about bringing clickers to your school.

My articles, available via the link on the left, overview my ideas about Generation NeXt and our necessary educational approaches and reforms. If you would like more information about any of my topics, or about my coming to your campus to help your school move to better understanding of students and more effective educational practices, please let me know.