Understanding Today’s Students; Generation Next to Generation Z

Data suggests that we are seeing a major generational shift in the traits of traditionally aged entering college students from those we have become accustomed to serving with new backgrounds, needs and expectations. This program will describe the transition from Generation NeXt (aka Millennials) to the new realities of Generation Z, in broader generational context, with suggestions for how schools might best respond to their emerging needs.

Moving Toward Happiness: Applying the Research in Positive Psychology & Happiness Studies in Schools

Research in the fields of positive psychology and happiness studies offer powerful insights into the abilities of people to live happier and more meaningful lives. They also offer implications for helping create a school climate most conducive to learning and for promoting positive mental health in students and in the entire school community. This session will offer an overview of the research based principles of positive psychology and happiness studies with implications for personal living, healthier interaction, positive leadership and in creating a positive learning and school environment.

Technical and other Details for Programs for Schools

  • I present from my MacBook so will need a projector and screen. I have the appropriate adapters and am compatible with any projector. I will also need a wireless lapel microphone, flip chart and markers. If bottled water is readily available, that would be great.
  • No deposit is required and full payment is expected on the date of the event. If I am unable to present due to travel interruptions or illness, there is no charge to the school. If the school wishes to cancel after confirmation, there will be a charge of 50% of my fee, and any nonrefundable travel cost incurred.