Meet Generation NeXt: from pre-K through Graduation

My programs to help K-12 faculty, staff and administrators better understand and teach our current cohort of often wired, attention-challenged students are being well received by schools across the country, in rural and urban settings, whether a three hour program or a full-day workshop. The description below offers an overview of the session.

I might note that several Superintendents and Principals have told me that they are having the workplace issues I have identified (and work with business groups on) with the multigenerational workplace. Most recent College of Education graduates are young, so might bring the “Generation NeXt Goes to Work” issues to schools. Administrator and management groups in K-12 schools can benefit from my workplace programs, which can often be scheduled around the “Meet Generation NeXt” program for the faculty and staff.

Meet Generation NeXt K-12- program description.

The young people of Generation NeXt, from our elementary students through seniors, have characteristics and expectations that present unique challenges to those of us charged with teaching, guiding and assisting them through their K-12 educational experience.

  • They are being raised in very different social environments and have are having very different formative experiences than any previous generation.
  • The socialization and the parenting they have received has impacted all of their intellectual and emotional traits and characteristics.
    • Successfully working with and involving their parents can be a challenge.
  • Their self-esteem/ self-importance issues, ideas about and appraisals of their “talents” and skills, consumer expectations, use of technology and styles of interacting can impact and possible interfere with their cooperation, compliance, persistence, learning and academic success.
  • To effectively meet, teach, and help them develop, it is incumbent on us to understand who they are and how they got to be the way they are, and their unique challenges.

This program overviews their developmental issues and cohort traits, and offers suggestions for helping them reach their academic and developmental goals in school, into college and on to the workforce.

Technical and other Details for Programs for Schools

  • I present from my MacBook so will need a projector and screen. I have the appropriate adapters and am compatible with any projector. I will also need a wireless lapel microphone, flip chart and markers. If bottled water is readily available, that would be great.
  • No deposit is required and full payment is expected on the date of the event. If I am unable to present due to travel interruptions or illness, there is no charge to the school. If the school wishes to cancel after confirmation, there will be a charge of 50% of my fee, and any nonrefundable travel cost incurred.