Dr. Taylor’s program on planning for success in the multigenerational workplace was very well received by our students. I have heard students reference his lecture in class when we discuss different leadership styles in the workplace. The students especially enjoyed his humor and Southern drawl. I compliment his ability to keep the students engaged by showing them how this knowledge of a multigenerational society connects to their everyday life and future employment.

Mareta Iosia-Sizemore
Student Life Manager Palm Beach State College

By popular demand I offer programs to students on academic and workplace success. The program referenced above, planning for success in the multigenerational workplace helps students understand what they will encounter when they enter a workplace with a mixture of four generational cohorts; traditionals, boomers, xers and generation next. Their workplace success and advancement will require their being able to understand, communicate with, work with and probably lead people from each generational group. Understanding typical generational values, traits, preferences and styles can improve their employability, workplace effectiveness and success at work. This program addresses the generational issues and dynamics in the workplace with suggestions for what they can do during their college experience to improve their personal effectiveness in the multigenerational workplace. The focus is both on future success at work and academic success in college now.

Other program titles include

Being a Effective Learner; Strategies for Success
Overcoming the Digital Brain; Learning to Focus and Attend